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Scrolling Game Development Kit 1.4

A comprehensive open-source tool to create your own 2-D animated games
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Scrolling Game Development Kit is a full-featured open source application created to help you design your own side-scrolling games regardless of your skills and your level of experience in game creation processes. “GameDev” will allow you to design all the elements required to create a scrolling game, such as maps, paths, and sprites. Besides, its scripting capabilities will also let you create useful scripts to control any unexpected event.

The program’s interface is very well structured, and combines various editors that will allow you to design all the different elements needed for the game. Tiles are one of the first elements that you will be required to add to your project, as these will be needed to produce pro-looking maps and paths. To help you put these tiles together seamlessly, GameDev offers you a very convenient tile-matching tool.

The program also supports multi-layered maps, which you can then fill with paths, sprites, and other special functions. Besides, Scrolling Game Development Kit can create random mazes for you to add to your maps when needed. You can also set up your “player” information, which will determine where the map scrolls.

In order to control the different events that may occur while playing the game, you can make use of both “special functions” and scripts. These special functions will trigger specific effects when required, while scripts will come in handy to respond to unexpected events that cannot be controlled through other elements in the game.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that GameDev allows you to add your own “soundtrack” to the game - it support various multimedia formats that you can use to attach existing audio files to specific events or sections of the game.

All in all, Scrolling Game Development Kit is a comprehensive and full-featured game editing tool. It can be used by both expert and novice users and produces nice-looking side-scrolling games.

Francisco Martínez
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